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Originally Posted by seruzawa View Post
I had the same problem with a CB125 that sat 5 years in a shed. I had to pull the head and pound the piston loose. Then it needed a light hone and new rings. The GT500 should be easier since you don't have valves. Just pull the pipes and head and bang away.
Did you hone the cylinder walls yourself, or take it to a machine shop?
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Originally Posted by Dr_Sprocket View Post
Did you hone the cylinder walls yourself, or take it to a machine shop?
There's an excellent local auto parts/machine shop that I use..... until those ****ing autozones and checkers put it out of business. I prefer to leave that sort of work to someone who knows exactly what they are doing... bore jobs and such.
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I want to start off by saying thanks to all you guys for the information ive got so far. This is a great site. Anyways i got on ebay and was able to find a lot of parts for this bike. I found a connector that plugs into the connector i described in an ealier post for the battery terminals. I also found a throttle cable and clutch cable. So i'm pretty stoked about that. I'm gonna probably pull the heads off and see about getting them honed and getting bigger rings. I got to get this thing running for my wife before summer. Thanks guys. Ill let you know how it comes along.
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Engine innards aint my thing, but theres some pretty fart smellars round here to get good advice from. I origionally came for electrical advice and now they wish they'd never helped. Good luck to u & wife.
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