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Default Bent handlebar

I have a 1985 Honda Magna VF700. It got knocked over the other day by a car trying to park (I think- I didn't actually see it happen. Just looked outside and saw that it was on its side) and the handlebar got bent and the front brake lever was broken. I've ordered a new brake lever and looked into a new handlebar and have found one for $70.

Is there a good way to straighten the bend rather than replacing it? It's only bent a few degrees, so it still functions fine but is a little bit awkward to hold at times. Should I just try taking a mallet to it? Any advice would be great.

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What have you to lose? So long as the bar doesn't have a "kink" in the tubing, it should be OK. So, start Mallet'n away!
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Try using a 4 foot long piece of 2" pipe you can get at any hardware store to bend it back. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. The bar's too springy for a mallet to do any good.
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I think what seruwaza is sayn is put it over the bar like you do to get more torque outta a ratchet.
Give it hell and if it breaks or kinks, it was damaged anyway. Ive ridden bikes with bent bars and its akward but I diddnt feel unsafe but wouldnt want to ride one that had a kinked bar at all. Good luck.
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You should be able to find a replacement bar a lot cheaper than $70. Looks at the accessory dealers, like Dennis Kirk, BikeBandit, Chaparral, etc.
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Just buy a new bar from denniskirk.com. Shouldn't cost you $30.
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I just unscrewed the throttle, mirror, and ignition [leaving only the raw tube] then, using a larger hollow tube I bent it back into shape, using a ruler to keep the angles of both sides of the handlebar as evenly as possible. I've been using it that way ever since.
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Get a nice steering wheel with a brody knob on it like I have in my Handi-Van. You can get neat accessories for the wheel that you can't get for a set of crummy handlebars. I prefer the 8-ball motif on my ni...oops...brody knob...
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