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Originally Posted by blacksheepkustoms View Post
Kenny, one thing to always remember. If you reowrk the heads, you always want to re ring also. By re working the heads, you are creating more compression . That magnifies any weak points in the rings. You might try pulling the plugs and shoot some brake fluid on top of the pistons,and letting it soak overnight. Of course, you will want to change the oil after doing that. I would re ring the motor while you have it down.
Umm, yeah, OK. Please read the rest of the thread.

But I do appreciate the response in trying to help.
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Originally Posted by Munkey990 View Post
Umm, yeah, OK. Please read the rest of the thread.

But I do appreciate the response in trying to help.
You know - you fit in here almost entirely too-well for a "New Guy".

You've done this before, haven't you?
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Congratulations on getting one of the best all-round bikes ever made (IMO). Parenthetically, I wonder why you got the valves done right off the bat?
Anyway. I have a feeling those carbs need to be completely taken apart and hand cleaned or even rebuilt- using original Hoinda Parts, BTW. Brand-X carb parts can really mess with your carb and your head. (don't ask) Just soaking or blowing carb cleaner is OK for some things, but a carb that has sat for that long needs serious help. Probably some guitar string therapy, too- smaller than any jet holes. Use a magnifying glass.

Also- put in-line gas filters in AND take the tank off and completely drain it and start over with brand new gas. You can put the old gas in your car.

What does your air filter look like?

I would replace the plugs. Even get them wet once with this new (er) gas and they're shot. That junk won't even sand off.

Play with the idle air screw some to see what happens.

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