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Default Brake Lights

Just a gentle reminder...

I discovered that the switch in my front brake lever was no longer working. I have no idea how long that was the case, as I found it by accident. Not a traffic accident, mind you, but it coulda been.

Although I am in the habit of checking out my bike before every (okay, 'most') rides, I used to check for brake lights by standing alongside the bike, and pressing down on the rear brake pedal. The rear switch works fine. I've forgotten what led me to check the brake lights with the front. And, I seldom use the rear brake, as the fronts are so effective, and I tend not to get on them too hard anyway.

So, take the few seconds to check out your bike before you ride. I shudder to think of how many times I had a cage crawling up my rear end, and me applying the brakes with no lights!

And, Happy Columbus Day! Go discover someplace, and give some native a disease!
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Agreed, a nasty scenario is to get rear-ended by some cager. ALmost no avoiding that one unless you are REALLY alert and lucky.

Speaking of which, be sure to check out AdMoreLighting.com for information on their exciting new LiteBar Turn/Stop/Tail LED system. It'll light your ass up like a Christmas tree! I love mine, and chicks tell me: "you have a great ass."

AdMore Lighting - About Us
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