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Default Shifting Issues

I Have an 03 Honda Shadow Ace:

Every time I shift my bike I hear a clicking noise like a piece of metal is being tapped against another peice of metal. IT's been doing that for about a week, and now when I down shift sometimes it is getting stuck halfway between neutral and first. I don't notice it's not fully in gear until I go to move and the gear slams down into first.

Any Idea what could cause this, and how to fix it?
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Possibly your dogs and slots, or perhaps a bent shift fork what ever it is it doesnt sound cheap.
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If it isn't your dogs and slots it may be your mutts 'n ho's.
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Worn engagement dogs on the gear have bent the shift fork is my guess.
Eventually you will lose the gear altogether. Repair requires engine removal and complete teardown.
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"Repair requires engine removal and complete teardown."

Not like those junky, unreliable Harleys eh?
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Take a look at the shift mechanism that goes from the shift lever shaft, to the shift-cam itself. The part resides behind the clutch, and one of the little springs that holds the finger on the shift cam mechanism might be loose, bent or missing. It involves taking off the clutch case and having a look-see at the part that impinges on the shift cam itself.

Shadow gear boxes are pretty tough items. They have undercut dogs that lock the gears together, and pretty much prevent a clutchless upshift under power. So the dogs in my opinion are the last things to look at.
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