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Default Headlight/tail light modulators-pros and cons

These things are getting popular where I live, but they look a little strange when you see a bike passing by with it on. Nobody wants to get hit when riding, but are modulators proving to help in this regard?

Anyone here use one? Pros and cons anyone? Thanks!
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One of the bikes I bought (used), came with it. The other didn't. I've been stopped by a cop once who thought it was illegal until he checked with his dispatcher (or whoever). So now I keep a printout in my jackets of the state code that shows that it's legal.

In order not be a nuisance to drivers in front of me when stopped at a light, I cover the sensor when waiting in line at a light. Am I glad I the bike has it? Yes. But if you decide to put one on your bike, make sure you get the type that you can turn off manually.
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I like 'em. Anything that draws attention to you can help avoid some cager pulling in front of you.
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I find them pretty annoying myself. The get noticed though so if the trade-off is worth it to you. The Fuzz around here has brake light modulators on their HD's and Beemers, when they hit the brakes they flash a few times before staying on......I think those are pretty clever.
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