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Default Abandoned motorcycle restoration

Hey eveyrone,

I think there is an abandoned motorcycle in my apartment complex. It's a cruiser style Suzuki, red, good size engine. My guess is about a 900-1,100 cc. It looks like it's been sitting outside for a good while, and my neighbor said it's been in the same parking space since he moved in over a year ago. I live in Arizona so it's not like the bike has hail or snow damage. There are no dents and no rust on any part of the bike. Just some dust and bird crap. The leather is in good condition.

The motorcycle has texas plates on it and the last tags on it are for May 2006. I think it's a 2004 model, but I can't tell. The odometer has 100,263 miles on it. I would kill for a bike to work on and turn into my own cruiser, but I don't want to waste my time and money on something that won't work unless I sink so much money into it i might as well purchase a new bike.

I really just want to know if this would be worth the time and effort to track down the owner, (if any), and fix it up. Any advice would help.
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I tried to do an old restoration a couple years back of an 84 Honda but found that the prices of factory parts have gone sky high. 100K miles is a lot for any motorcycle and it's highly doubtful anyone put that kind miles on it in 3 years.

You might want to post pictures of it. You can find out the displacement if you look at the base of the cylinders. You can also get the VIN off of the frame on the steering head which will give you the model/year.

Sight unseen I'd advise against trying to restore a worn out Japanese bike. The engine parts alone (pistons, valves, etc) will probably cost more than the bike is worth. If it is free and it'll start and run just by putting a battery in it and cleaning out the fuel system it might be worth riding until it completely wears out.
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There is probably a very good reason it's abandoned.
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When I was about 15 me and a buddy were riding our bicycles in the LA River and found an old Vespa mired in the weeds and bushes of a spillway under the Los Feliz Blvd. overpass. We cleaned all the mud and weeds out of it, and managed to get it running for about 30 minutes before it exploded. Don't waste your time on that old Suzuki, especially if you see the name "Madura" anywhere on it. More trouble getting a title in your name than it's worth.
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