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Default V65 Magna Oil Leak in Gear Shift Indicator Cap

I have a 1983 V65 Magna and have noticed a small oil leak in the cover of the Gear Shift indicator cap. This is a small cap located just above the alternator cap on the left hand side of the bike. It covers a small chamber that holds a device that tells which gear the bike is in. When I replaced the gasket to the cap I noticed that the chamber had a small amount of oil in it and that there was a small notch in chamber where the cap is attached. The notch looked like it was original. I think because of this notch, I have the oil leak, even with the new gasket. Does anybody know what that notch is for and why it would be their because it is causing my oil leak. Is there a part that I am missing that seals the notch and should there be oil in the chamber that holds the gear indicator? My bike electronics work fine and the digital gear indicator also works fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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