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Kenneth_Moore 06-11-2009 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by SmokeU (Post 216036)
Who the hell is Jeremy Clarkson?! We should strap him to a liter bike and see how many pieces are left of him when he's done.

"The largest piece we were able to recover appears to be a sphincter gripping a chunk of vinyl. So far, we have been unable to disengage the vinyl."

tripleripple 06-11-2009 04:20 PM


Originally Posted by The_AirHawk (Post 216030)
Hell, even Jeremy Clarkson (auto gawd that he is) (such as he is) even advises against using the front brake. On his Vespa............

Jezza!! He's definitely the man, except for his thinking motorcycle riders are crazy for wanting to be killed. His love of automatic machine guns and disdain for anti-smoking laws makes up for that in my book. That, and he's downright hilarious. Top Gear baby!! (also he thinks global warming is a farce :)

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