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Smile Gear / Clutch Problem?

Good morning,

I have nearly re-built my bike engine, 125cc RPB Superbyke 4 stroke, I have got a little problem.

I still haven't started the engine due to this little prob, when i pull in the clutch whilst in gear its hard to move the bike forward as if its not coming out of gear. This occurs in all 5 gears. When its in neutral it rolls freely.

I have tightened the clutch cable extremely tight but no luck. The engine is nicely topped up of oil.

Any ideas?

Thanks, UKMM
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Point it in a safe direction, I mean in case the clutch is locked up you won't hit anything hard or expensive. Then put it in neutral and start.
If it sounds ok and is idleing ok, while still at idle try pulling the clutch and put it in 1st gear. If it doesn't jump or try to throw you off you are good to go. If it does take off with the clutch still in, try clutching and braking at the same time. They could just be a little rusted and "locked up" and that might break them free.

You didn't mention if you replaced the clutch plates or not. If so are you absolutly sure they are the correct plates and you installed them correctly? If new I would expect a little drag just trying to push it around in gear but it shouldn't be trying to turn the engine over.
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The clutch itself, inside the engine case, has an adjustment setup. Usually this involves setting the pre-load on the basket springs (there are several of these located around the circle that the clutch plates form) and then a throw-out adjustment screw or bolt in the middle of the clutch. Every bike has a procedure for setting the clutch up when it's new or rebuilt. If you pulled the clutch apart when you rebuilt it, you need to make sure that you've followed the adjustment steps described in the manual. If you didn't disassemble the clutch when you rebuilt, it may be that the plates are sticky and not releasing. If that's the case, you might as well go ahead and pull it apart and clean it, then reinstall it and adjust it per the service manual. If you don't have the manual or don't want to tear it down, maybe it's worth a few bucks to get your local mechanic to set it up for you.
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You're missing the little "T" pressure plate release gizmo that goes in the clutch assembly behind the pressure plate, that sticks out the middle of the clutch mainshaft (in that little hole that's empty at the moment).

Look around for some extra parts on the garage floor. That's a Honda 90 motor spin-off, right?
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