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Default Help on Microfiber Cloth on Exhaust

Need some help if anyone had run into this problem.......

OK...here's my dilemma......I've not had the chance to ride for a number of weeks and questioned whether my bike would crank as I had not hooked my battery tender up. While the bike did fire up on the second effort, once I had her going I was afraid to shut her down and left her running. I then took a few minutes to knock the dust off my bike with a microfiber cloth. After a few minutes, and while still in the process of wiping the bike down, the microfiber cloth inadvertently came in contact with the exhaust pipe which, by this time, was hot. Unfortunately, some of the cloth actually melted onto the pipe and I can't seem to get it off. It looks as if there was some chemical reaction from the microfiber material on the chrome exhaust which has made the chrome finish go dull.

Has anyone run into this before (this can't be the first time this has happened) and provide any suggetions on how to clean my exhaust pipe? Anything at all??? I am sick!


Thanks for any assistance.
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Use some Turtle Wax Chrome polish. It's Diatiomatic!
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You clean your bike?

Have you tried any of the common chrome cleaners/polishes? Wait for it to cool down first.
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Use oven cleaner to get it off. Get the pipes pretty warm and spray on the oven cleaner. Let it sit a while and then wipe it off. It will usually take off just about anything without ruining the chrome. Try it.
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