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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
It drains a car battery with 1 start attempt unless the car is running? Damn, it's pulling a LOT of amps to do that. Either the starter motor is goofed up internally, or maybe AirHawk's suggestion that the . My HD wore a hole in that wire on a regular basis and it would short. Find the big cable on the positive battery terminal and remove and inspect it. Ensure the end terminals are tight and there are no bare spots in the insulation.
itts jus trying and trying eventually she got it. im trying to eliminate possibilities. garage said that starter and solenoid is ok.
-primary wire to the starter needs replacing-
that was the first thing i by-passed. all major terminals are tight and as new now.

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Well William Bendix would get really PI$$ED off at all this nonsesne, and bring both Hugh Beaumont and Alan Ladd over to kick all of your a$$es.

Buy a new freeking starter and fix it!

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I'm with Cuddy on this'n.

New starter - pronto!
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You said you had the starter out and cleaned the brushes. Did you take an old hacksaw blade and clean the carbon out from between every gap on the armature. The part that the brushes...well... brush against? Do NOT try to clean the copper parts that the brushes brush against with emery cloth or sand paper etc. Just clean in between the copper conductors on the rotor (spinning part of the motor). You don't have to go very deap.. Only a few thousands of an inch. You have starter drag and the easiest and cheapest thing to try first is new brushes (very cheap if you can find them) and clean the armature. Light machine oil on the armature ends where they fit into the bushing/bearings.
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