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Default need a battery!!!

Hi every one, my name is Seth,, I have a nemesis frame softail with a 100 cubic inch revtech motor. Can any one suggest a battery for this bike?? I no it needs alot of cranking amps that the walmart batteries i tried just do not have even at full charge. I chatted with a friend he said deka and braille make great batteries I just dont know which is better and what exact size to get. Can any one help me. appreciated greatly!!!
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Maybe a Goldwing sized battery?

The starter motor wasn't designed for that much power need. So you'd better get as big a battery as you can fit in there. If the battery voltage goes low the starter will draw more current not less, believe it or not, and you can literally melt the windings. Don't crank it a lot. If it doesn't start easily let the starter motor sit for a minute between cranking attempts. I learned a lot about motors when I was a shipborad electrician. Low voltage and overheating are your enemies.
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Believe it or not, the batteries that Harley uses for their touring bikes are about as good as you can get. They all have high cranking amps, and are pretty durable and reliable. I would try one of those.
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What LR said.

Also, the Odyssey (WestCo?) batteries and Yuasa are very good.

Make sure that your starting circuit was built properly. There are many 'custom' bikes built with undersized wiring and other sub-par components. Not a lot of 'fabricators' understand electrons. As in a chain, the system is only as good as the weakest link.

Also, if your RevTech is really hard to crank, you might look at one of the hi-torque starter motors. Back in the day, Spyke made one of the best.

Good luck!
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Does it have manual or auto compression releases? Does it have compression releases?
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Try Aftermarket motorcycle Electrical and Batteries for your Harley, Metric Cruiser and Sportbike.

There are some super-duty batteries listed that should work. "Big Boar" seems to be a popular brand.
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I've had pretty good luck with Excide batteries. Maybe some kind of deep cycle marine battery would work
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