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Default wireing problems

anyone know where to find a wireing diagram for an 86 harley FXRP took off fairing and am trying to wire back in the head light and the turn signals.
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The dealerships usually have them on computerized microfiche. The trick is getting one of the parts guys to pull yours up and print it off. What you get isn't much...I got an 8.5X11 sheet that I had to use a magnifying glass for when I built my 77.
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When you took the fairing off, the wires to the headlight should of had a three-prong plastic plug on it, did you remove that?

If not, just wind the excess wire up into the headlight shell and snap the headlight rim and headlight back in the shell.

But if you went at the whole deal with a pair of wire cutters, good luck.
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nope didn't cut any of the harnesses off i"m trying to do away withe the harnesses and just direct wire everything in the from or i'm stuck with a curcuit bar which have of isn't being used since the police sirens, lights, ect are not in use anymore
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Your best bet is to find someone with a manual. The FXR shared manuals with the FLHTs back then. So, you can hit up folks for the same (or near) year Dresser manuals, too.

I don't remember if my 1988 manual had the Police bike in it, though.
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no quick way to do it, I'd connect the headlight and turn signals, horn, HI/LOW beams etc then trace each wire out that's left and see if you need it. I did the same thing with my 1980 FLHP. It just take time to trace and eliminate everything extra.
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