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Default Pernambuco used in motorcycles now

The super durable, strong pernambuco dark-wood from Brasil will be incorportated into major components in both motorcycles and automobiles under a subpart of the new Kyoto accord signed into United Nations law this last Friday under little fanfair.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton applauded the new law, which will make cars and motorcycles more "green" and easier to recycle. Such items as swing-arms, fork tubes and frames will now be made from the wood. Cars will use it for doors, frame parts and cooling fans.

The pernambuco wood is also used in musical instruments, surgical tools and radio knobs. Pernambuco wood was used by pirates as peg legs, and crutches.

Gonzalvo Recambardo of Porto Galinus Brasil who ownes most of the pernambuco groves in the North East part of the country states that "there are enough pernambuco trees to make 100,000,000,000 cars, an inexhaustable supply."

We also applaud Secretary Clinton for making such a wise, and green, choice.
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Ebony is still in use for main bearings on older ship engines. I don't know if Morgan still makes components of their card with wood, but my Mom said hers had wood in the frame. Resin impregnated end-grain balsa is one of the best boat building materials around; incredibly thin yet strong panels can be easily formed with multiple compound curves. The hulls can absorb impacts that would shatter typical fiberglass construction. Wood is good.
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More good wood:

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Very interesting. Koa wood in Hawaii is known as their strongest wood. Use to build canoes and such.
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