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Hi< Im 22 and I bought a bike about six months ago. It is my first bike but I have yet to ride it. (1995 kawasaki vulcan 500) The person who sold it to me was supposed to fix it but dipped out. Now Ive finally found a motorcycle mechanic willing to get her running but I cant find the parts I need when I search them online. I need something called a stater and something called a needle drum. If anyone knows where I can find these parts or if there is another name for these parts that might search better, please let me know.

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With the help of your friend and google:

1995 Kawasaki Motorcycle Parts for VULCAN 500(EN500A6)US, OEM and Aftermarket at BikeBandit.com

You should be able to come up with an identification and any number of places to get these parts.
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a dealership, provided you've got lots of time on your hands and want to start developing a relationship with a parts guy. I'm sure there are many other places, but that's what a real quick search came up with.

Or there is always the salt water method
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Ooooo, "needle drum"? That sounds expensive, and hard to get to. The stator is the fixed part of the alternator (not the spinning part, which is called the "rotor").

If your mechanic friend says something that sounds like "split the cases" tell him to stop and dump that Kawi like a hot potato. Beginner bikes have been put through hell sometimes, and it might be best to get something else a little less "used".
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