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Unhappy bike wont start- suggestions?

Having problems starting my bike. I have a 2004 VTX 1300 C, about 5000 mi on it. tried to start it up, battery was dead. charged battery, tried to start it again and wouldn't turn over. lights, etc. come on when key is turned to on position. acts like it will start but won't catch to turn over. I took my plugs out and looked at them they look okay. Then took tank off and couldn't see any stripped or uncovered wires. looked at air filter and it basically looked okay.
Not sure what else could be wrong with it, hoping more intelligent mechanic on this forum can help me out.
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Bad gas from lack of use?
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If it won't turn over, get a new battery. Your old one sounds shot. Check the voltage drop when you try to start it. That should tell you all you need to know.
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Yeah, LR's probably right. Just because the battery has enough juice to power your lights, doesn't mean it has enough juice to turn over the engine. Keep the charger connected to the battery, then see if it turns over.
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Batteries don't like to be dead dead, none the less 6 year old batteries. If its the stock battery, its life is over. Remember worst case you can always bump start it in 2cnd. Ah the joys of a clutch.
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Number 1 problem 2004 with only 5K
Check you grounds, makes sure they are clean and free of corrosion

Something you can check. Good luck
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Get new battery? When diagnosing on line try to give as much information as you can. Like is that the original Battery, are you the original owner, what does the fuel smell like in your tank. And anything else you can think of. You need to load test the battery, as stated you might not have enough Cold cranking amps.
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"I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it would do any good."

Moke, you're a trained professional. This???
"what does the fuel smell like in your tank"

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Hold on to the spark plug wire and turn the motor over. After you recover, disconnect the fuel line and see if anything resembling gas drips out. If you see gas, light a match and see if it burns. If not, someone has drained your gas and put water in the tank or plugged up the line. If it burns, remove a spark plug (after you get out of the hospital) and see if it's wet - that means the carb is spewing gas into the cylinder so maybe the timing is off or your piston thingy is missing. I don't know how to fix either.
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When was the last time the motor ran?
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