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longride 02-01-2009 04:46 AM

Fox, bicycle shops sell small pumps for putting air in the suspension for mountain bikes. Get one of those. The are super small and youcan carry it with you all the time.

sarnali2 02-01-2009 07:57 PM

I use the Harley pump, p/n 54630-03A. It's spendy but works great and you can adjust the pressure with it as it has a bleed on it, I run around 25 psi on my '08 and it handles rough roads fine.

I also bought the bagger to slow down, also to haul stuff and have some weather protection. I love it, I'd like a Sporty for a play bike but 4's don't do it for me anymore and I'm tired of treating every ride like a race with myself. Nothing left to prove I guess, now I can just ride and have fun. I guess I finally outran my demons

seruzawa 02-02-2009 05:26 AM


Originally Posted by Buzglyd (Post 203106)
A bicycle pump will do the trick. Don't use a high pressure hose. I've got the little hand pump from progressive suspension or H-D. I can't remember. It's a little hand pump that fits in the pack and has a built in gauge.

Funny how going slow is kinda fun, eh?

So all these mods do what? Make the Geezer glide a wallowing piglet instead of a wallowing hog?

BrowningBAR 02-02-2009 06:19 AM


Originally Posted by seruzawa (Post 203181)
So all these mods do what? Make the Geezer glide a wallowing piglet instead of a wallowing hog?

It really quickens the lap time. Which is important.

Buzglyd 02-02-2009 06:42 AM


Originally Posted by BrowningBAR (Post 203185)
It really quickens the lap time. Which is important.

Since none of em make it any louder, I 'spose they're worthless mods.

SmokeU 02-02-2009 07:28 AM

I sure had fun on Dad's '05 Roadglide even though it was wonderfully gutless.

pushrod 02-02-2009 07:29 AM

Fox, the pump must have the shut-off valve on the fill line. A regular bike pump won't work, because you'll lose air while you d/c the fitting.

+1 on the above. Most bike shops will have what you need. Failing that, Amazon or Bike Nashbar, etc. will have them.

Regarding sport vs. sofa - I'm a fairly conservative rider, but I much prefer my Sprint over the FXR I used to ride.

That being said, I've recently spent a great couple of miles on the Rocket III Touring, and I could see the advantages of doing some distance on one...

TheFox 02-03-2009 06:06 PM

Wonk wonk wonk, you guys are all so damn funny. It's like the jokes write themselves!

Got my wheels today. I'd call them rimz but they're Street Glide take offs with floating rotors, so technically it's a performance upgrade. They even lack chrome.

Going to do all this over spring break. I'll let you all know how it goes.

Kenneth_Moore 02-04-2009 08:37 AM

I always had good service from the Avon Venom series on my HD. Great handling, sticky, and decent mileage; not as good mileage as the Dunloppedemoffs. With all the rain here in FL I was happy to trade mileage for grip.

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