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VONSTER 01-03-2009 10:58 AM

CRF230 vs CRF250
I just purchased a CRF230 and want to redo the plastics cant find much but was wondering a few things:

Why isnt ther emuch for the 230?

Will 250 plastics fit the 230?

Where can I get an owners manual for the 230?

On the left side of the handle bars is a wire or possibly a switch what is it for? :confused:

Thanks for the help.

mscuddy 01-03-2009 12:42 PM

230 Answers...
Check out for 230 questions & answers...that's me on the bike...

Q & A, September 2007 - Project Honda CRF230F - Part 25 - - Dirtbike at

VONSTER 01-03-2009 01:34 PM

very cool thanks...where do I find the first 24 parts to your write ups?

VONSTER 01-03-2009 01:37 PM

I think found them. To save me some time could you tell me what the wire is on the left grip?

pplassm 01-04-2009 05:23 PM

Kill switch?

Where do these people come from?

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