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Well at least I caught AMA Primetime during primetime on sat night this week. We'll see if I go to Infineon this May, but cant wait for WSB at Miller, the WSS guys are supposed to be tagging along this year too without the AMA in the way.

The sportbike class (?) was interesting to watch the 1125 run off and hide from everyone. When I first heard about the rules I thought it would be the 1200 Buells not the 1125's. Why arent the Duc's running in that class then? There were the Mille's...
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DMG will suffer through growing pains for about two full seasons as they try to figure out what's working and what to trash. The American Superbike class in it's current form is pretty close to WSB SuperStock rules. They won't modify that much, because it seems to be working. Daytona will see adjustments. Now that the speedways are done we'll see how the Buell fairs. Seems like Danny has a handle on it, but if you look at the rest of the 1125s they're back there a little ways. I think DMG will add weight back to the bikes if Danny kicks everyone's butts at Barber, but the Aprilia and anyone on an 848 have their homework to do.
In the Sportbike class the point is to let the kids race. Most everyone are on 600s, but for those kids that want to live on the edge the bigger bikes in stock format may actually make the racing a bit of a toss up. It'd be fun watching some kid @ 16yo man-handle an Aprilia vs the point and shoot 600s.
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Are we talking about pro racing or just racing. I think there lots of problems with racing in general. The bigest is that they are hard to see and hard for a beginner to get into watching. Often you have X number of classes in a race and no one that isn't an expert really knows who is winning. It is the same for SCCA races for the most part. Also there are very few races around to go to and they get no PR.
I live in South Florida. Within a few hours drive We have Daytona, Sebring, Homestead, and Palm Beach international raceway. I have never seen an ad for a Motorcycle race. I would love to see a Circle track race but they I never know when they are. As the to the few motorcycle races I have seen on TV they are at best dull. The leaders tend to be way out in front and say there.
My feeling is that you need to get the ground roots racing going big time. I am lucky that I live where their are so many tracks. I would love to see a cheap Spec racer series started up. Suzuki or Kawasaki would be the perfect companies to do it. Suzuki could have a spec race series for the TU250, then the GSX500, the SV650s, And finish off with the GSXR600 or 750. Kawasaki is in even better shape and could call it the Ninja Series with the 250, 500, 650r, and the ZX6 at the top. You could get a lot of people racing with cheap 250s and then move up to the 650 twins that way. In south Florida you could have a race every month and the racers might never even need a hotel since it is only a few hours drive from track to track. Get people cheering for local racers and then they might start being into the big races and might even start to ride and race themselves. But that is just my opinion.
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