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Default Haysoo Christo........

What a morning... I jumps on the trusty bagger and head off to work at 0-dark-30 as usually, 52 with a light fog...chilly but nothing special. On the freeway traffic moving pretty good but all over the map, big disparities in speed between the lanes, lane jumpers, semi's in the left lane...just a mess. Washington has instituted a new system for the HOV lanes where you can only get in to and out of the HOV lane at certain points and it allows single occupant vehicles in if you pay a per mile fee.

The trouble is that if at one of those points the carpool lane is going 70 and the regular lane is going 30 it's no fun trying to filter over, of course that's the way my exit was this morning.. I got through that mess unscathed, checked my first plant then headed down secondary roads to the main plant, I'm tootling along relaxing after a tense freeway ride when a WSP in the next lane over scares the sh*t out of me by hitting his lights and siren swings across behind me and tears off down the center turn lane! I just about jumped out of my boots I swear..

What a way to start the day, I think I'll just hide in my office and drink tea all day.....
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Originally Posted by sarnali2 View Post
What a way to start the day, I think I'll just hide in my office and drink tea all day.....
-Right, "tea", I'm sure.

Glad you got through it alive. And in about 7 hours you get to do it again!
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At least the donut muncher didn't stop you.
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