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Default 2008 Indianapolis Grand Prix MotoGP Results

Original Article:
<a href="http://www.motorcycle.com//events/2008-indianapolis-grand-prix-motogp-results-86866.html">2008 Indianapolis Grand Prix MotoGP Results</a>

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Ike changed the game this past weekend. Rossi and Nicky, along with everyone else, were praying for a Red Flag. Hope those that toughed it out had a good time. Maybe the 100th anniv GP on Labor Day weekend will be better.
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Default conditions..

What a nerve racking race, and im firmly of the opinion that a restart with new tyres/bikes(if chosen) would have made a complete mockery out of the first 20 laps the grid accomplished in those awful conditions.
Great to have seen Nick charge and make the podium, you could plainly see he didnt have traction by race end.
Still amazed with Rossi's win, and really thought given practice opinion, that Stoner would do better in a hurricane.
Rossi certainly had the right tyres, but man- he flat out brought it, and could have certainly chosen these conditions to back off a little, and not run risk of tossing himself down a waterslide, possibly cracking the door open for Stoner.
Im relieved they ran the race, but somehow disgusted that MotoGP runs in conditions that other racing wouldnt.
A salute to two wheeled racers in the wet.
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Only sissy US racing is afraid of water. Granted the hurricane was a bit much...
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Default ..a bit much.

Not the usual wet race-
standing water all the way across track in one spot.
the wind only got stronger.
it started raining again- changes everything.

I agree Yanks dont know wet the way Europeans do(kinda like how Yanks dont know how to ski on ice/bad snow/conditions, specially out West with perfect powder), but these conditions were the worst combo ive seen in the last several years.
So i was disgusted to wait thru the speculation of a restart.
The results after 20 laps were well deserved.
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I bet Jorge was hoping for just one more lap.
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