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Administrator 07-22-2008 10:38 PM

2007 Triumph Bonneville T100 Review

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<a href="">2007 Triumph Bonneville T100 Review</a>

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sarnali2 07-23-2008 06:55 AM

Nice review Tor, I owned and enjoyed an '06 T100 in black and red. Excellent bike and with the Triumph off-road pipes a beautiful sound w/o being excessively loud. A really pleasure to ride.

bmwclay 09-22-2008 07:04 PM

This is really the only bike that 99 percent of riders ever need. The same was true for the original Bonnie. We drove it to school during the week, raced it on Saturday and took our gal out on Sunday. Once a year we tied a sleeping bag and fishing pole on it and went touring for two weeks. We gotta get back to that. The only thing missing from the old vintage was the constant wrenching that is no longer an issue.

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