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Default Survey

Hello folks,

As part of a marketing course, i need to do some research on motorcycle protective gear. For that purpose i have made a very brief survey. I would really appreciate it if you guys could take the survey. It will probably take less than 2/3 minutes to complete.

Survey provided by FreeOnlineSurveys.com

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Here's you're answer all at once. We, the members of MO, believe in the use of protective gear. We don't all agree on the types of gear or the use or non-use of helmets. However, it is obviuous that the use of ANY protective gear is better than the use of none.
Thank you- please drive thru
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No we don't! The only protective gear the S. FL contingent uses comes in small, wallet sized packages!

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I'm thinking of a foam-rubber inflato-suit that inflates on impact with a car or lamp post, and protects the rider by bouncing him into the next county, away from danger.
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I like the idea of the Goldwing's airbag. Given the rather distressing choice of color and stitching patterns Honda chose, the airbag reminds me of a rather large womans backside....

I realize it's in poor taste but I'd much rather plant my face in the middle of a portly womans ass than the side of a Suburban, therefore I vote for Goldwing like airbags........
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I believe in using a helmet, but I honestly don't see the necessity of wearing full body protective gear.
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One slide down the road will disabuse you of that notion.
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You just thought of an excellent reason not to ride motorcycles at all!
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