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Default am i getting ****ed?

hey guys,

im contemplating getting these two 74 honda cb200t s that this guy is getting rid of for 950(as a total package).

he has this to say about their current condition:

The one with the title turns over fine, but I think there is a ground issue because the power shuts off when I push the start button. The parts bike does not turn over.

without knowing more about the bike, can any of you tell if im about to buy two time consuming money pits?
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Offer him 250 for the pair, if you've got deep pockets.

Seriously. These things are a pair of wallet-vampires waitin' for a victim.

If you give more than that, you'll only prove P.T. Barnum right............

(and risk provin' him correct at that price)
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Why, yes, young man..you're getting f'd.. Save your money and save yourself a headache. Even if you restored them to pristine factory condition they'd still be CB200's.....
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Uh yes. Time consuming money pits. Yes.
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See? They're all coming out of the woodwork, those old dinky Honda motorsickles that have been locked in garages for the past 20 years or so, ready to spew oil from blown seals and rattle down the street with loose valves. Look out! It can only get worse as gas climbs to $5.00 a gallon.
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The money and time you're going to have to put into these to get them reliably running won't be worth it, unless you really love wrenching and this project sounds fun. Some people do, but if you're going to buy a mechanical project, you can probably find them for less on craigslist and end up with a better bike.
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1. Log on to bike bandit.
2. Look up the parts for a cb200t
3. Note that virtually every part is discontinued.
4. Look for something else. Try one from the 90's.
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It ain't gonna work, folks!

He's gonna buy them, just wait and see...
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