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Keep in mind that buying old Japanese bikes is fraught with hazard. Parts are hard to find in many cases, and the ones you do find can be expensive.

Also, FI tends to make for better performance and fuel economy. So consider that in your selection process.
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I wouldn't go that far back either, any modern bike will get you at least high 30's~low 40's stock without the additional problems of trying to keep a (ahem) "classic" on the road.
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I don't know about the smaller motors get better mileage, I think I'm with Sachi on this one, though it depends on the bike, and 50cc scooters are going to rule on mileage. I get 46-52 on my Duc ST4s (and 40-46 on the V-Strom), my 600cc supersport gets around 34-36. Probably has something to do with how I ride them too. If you don't rev the snot out of them you ought to be able to coax 50 mpg out of the bikes you're considering.
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