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Administrator 07-02-2008 01:24 PM

2008 MV Agusta F4 1078 RR312 Review

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<a href="">2008 MV Agusta F4 1078 RR312 Review</a>

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acecycleins 07-02-2008 01:27 PM

$30k INSANITY! See, money can buy happiness.

vermicious 07-02-2008 02:10 PM

yeah and that doesn't include funeral costs

12er 07-02-2008 02:17 PM

Still the purdiest race rep on the road. Not that I want one...

vermicious 07-02-2008 02:19 PM

I want one... I don't care if it proves I'm a fool :)

I'd have to have an awful lot of disposable income to pay that kind of dough for just one bike though.

The_AirHawk 07-02-2008 03:22 PM


I coulda bought THIS instead of the Bullitt............

longride 07-02-2008 05:07 PM

For 30 large this thing is up against the Boss Hoss. Tough decision!

seruzawa 07-02-2008 06:01 PM

Although I'll never buy one it'll be a sad sad day if MV ever stops making their eye candy. Mongo WANT!

Kenneth_Moore 07-02-2008 06:22 PM

It's worth $30k just to get the pipes they put out back. It reminds me of when I saw the first model year of the 916 in Daytona and it had the first underseat exhaust I'd ever seen. I stared at that bike for an hour.

I realize the fad this week is Buell type mufflers, but I have to wonder how the BeeKing would look with a set like that rather than the exhaustlike weirdo thingys they hung out back there? Ditto V-Max II, the only flaw in my eyes is the cheesy can setup.

boothweiser 07-03-2008 10:59 AM

sharing with motorcycle daily?
I already read this exact article - on What gives???

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