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Originally Posted by seruzawa View Post
You forgot to recommend... well, you know.
Yeah, I know - I've been a bit off my game the last week or two - summer cold.
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Originally Posted by SKMosss View Post

Thanks for the pointer. will take a look now. I'm a tad concerned that a 650 won't have the staying power to deal with the California Freeways, and would probably lean toward a 1000. What is it about the 1000 that might be too much?
Staying power, schmaying power. Let's be honest: what normal heterosexual male would buy a 650 if he could possibly afford a 1000? Ding ding ding! That's right, SK, none. It's probably nothing you can't handle, it's just that Sachi will moderate [Ken loves to be humiliated in public -- Sachi] me into submission if I say get the 1000. If you were an utterly raw beginner, then yeah, get a Ninja 2500 or a 500-600cc twin something or other. Since you're not, only you can put together the variable of experience, confidence, ride environmentals (traffic, routes, weather) and say what bike you can or can't handle. It's a shame the only dealer lately that lets you test ride bikes these days is Harley. You might hop on a ZX-14 and feel right at home. You might get on a Wee Strom 650 and careen into the nearest light pole.

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Great discussion...I am in the same situation as the originator of this. Bikes have changed a lot over the many years since I have owned one. I want something that has good top end, but not so much I am going to launch myself out of control into something fixed and solid. I am also concerned about overall weight of the bike. I don't want something that is so heavy it will be difficult to lift and keep upright. Obviously the heavier the bike, the less fuel efficiency. Thanks so much for the recommendations. I am also interested in opinions on well built bikes, and quality for value. I don't need a maintenance nightmare.
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Good "top end"? What do you mean by that?

A bike with a good "top end" may be less rideable off a race track, because top end comes at the expense of low-end torque and midrange power.
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I'm 6'3" and I'm quite partial to the Triumph Bonneville T100. The seat height is nice and high, not low slung like the cruisers. It has enough power, 865cc, without being a monster. That will be my next bike. Right now I have a Yamaha V-Star Classic, a 650, and while the frame is as big as a Harley Road King I've had to add Jardine forward controls and just compromise to accomodate my taller frame. It's quite heavy for a 650 as well, so just because a bike is a 650 doesn't mean all that much other than it will affect acceleration power and so forth. I'm partial to the traditional bikes, so have a look at the Triumph. Ducati and Moto Guzzi also make some nice traditional bikes.
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The bigger the bike, the more gas it drinks. A Ninja 250 can typically get around 70 mpg. A 500 is still in the 50-60 range. Some of the bigger bikes are in the 40s. I ride a GS500F and used to have a '86 Corvette - that "little" GS would out-accelerate the Corvette, so don't worry about not having enough power to pass on a V-Strom unless you're dualing with somebody's twin turbo Mustang or other monstrosity that's way different from anything to rollo ff an assembly line.
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