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sarnali2 10-28-2008 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by seruzawa (Post 196717)
You're not a devil worshipper? How else would you categorize CZJ then?

She's just a good looking Welshie, like the rest of my mothers side of the family. For truely beautiful wimmins you have to go to Italy...

Image:Monica Bellucci 2003.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BrowningBAR 10-28-2008 08:50 AM


Originally Posted by newagetwotone (Post 196720)
Beer?? Where!?

Sarnali is a known beer hoarder and chaser of loose women.

sarnali2 10-28-2008 09:24 AM


Originally Posted by BrowningBAR (Post 196723)
Sarnali is a known beer hoarder and chaser of loose women.

Tha's right. Most of my money I spend on beer women and motorcycles, the rest I just wasted.

newagetwotone 10-28-2008 10:17 AM

You could send me some, i need about $10k to pay off my student loan... ;-)

longride 10-28-2008 11:01 AM

My friends Rocco and Knuckles can get that loan paid off right away for you. Of course, there will be a small service fee attached. :)

newagetwotone 10-28-2008 08:13 PM

Sure.... no problem... just let me book my hotel and plane to Australia first....

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