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jd george
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Default HD meter maid Bikes

Can someone give me some insite on these 3wheels and maybe were I could get one to customize one Thanks papster1000@msn.com

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Are they three wheels or "Training wheels"? there is a company that makes bolt on training wheels.
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They bring big bucks, and have a W series 750cc side-valve motor that puts out about 25 HP. Also known as a "Servi-Car" they were built from 1932 to the end of the production line in 1972. When the LAPD got rid of theirs in 1978, you could buy them at auciton in a closed bid. They had rigid rear suspension (duh) and starting in 1958 went to a Hydra-Glide front fork. Look on ebay, thay have some there for sale. The '72 had disc brakes front and back.
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Y'know, Matt...

Get aholt of one of them there ServiCars, drop in a built Evo motor and an independent rear suspension, and viola!

'Cuddy's HootchWerks' would have a b!tchin' delivery vehicle!
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