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Default Missouri Salvage Laws

Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so let me know if this isn't the right catagory to list this in. I am wondering if anyone knows the salvage laws for missouri on bikes as far as making them licensable. Are they the same as cars. I am asking because I am getting a bike to commute on and I found a salvage bike that has very little damage and would not take much to make it rideable. However, I rebuilt a salvage car and after having to wait a few months to get it inspected by the state patrol, I had to wait almost six months to get the prior salvage title back from Jeff city and I don't have that much time to wait on the bike title. Would appriciate some help on this. I can't find anything online about it. Thanks.
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A quick call the the Missou DMV would probably get you a 100% correct answer.
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(573) 751-4509.

Motor Vehicle Bureau
P. O. Box 100
Jefferson City, MO 65105
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Default Kansas-Nebraska DMV act

The DMV lets you do that in the territories north of 36° 30', and stipulated that the inhabitants of the territories should decide for themselves the legality of Re-titling salvaged bikes.
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36°30' parallel north - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Ah, now I get it.
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It's simple enough: Any uncrewed motorcycle that is hard aground, floundering, unable to make controllable way in a navigable waterway, or sunk, (completely or partially) in navigable waterway or upon the open seas, is eligible for salvage. However, if there is a Captain and/or crew aboard the motorcycle who are actively engaged in returning the motorcycle to navigable condition, and said Captain and/or crew of the motorcycle decline assistance from the salvor, then the motorcycle is not eligible for salvage until or unless the Captain and/or crew request and accept the active participation of the salvor in the effort to save the motorcycle.

Hope that helps.
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