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Originally Posted by 12er View Post
Aerostich for textiles. The main reason they use leather in racing is due to the friction factor. Leather does not slide nearly as far as textiles. Luckily my stich hasnt seen the ground but several of my buddies stich's have. Most did not even have a scratch on the suit. Vanson is the bomb for leather but you got $$$$ and leather is not good in heat or rain.
They have to 'stich together 2 or 3 suits for you?
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Originally Posted by Buzglyd View Post
They have to 'stich together 2 or 3 suits for you?
Nope, the little old ladies in MN didnt have to take down the company awning.

Mine is the largest off the rack size they make and could use some expansion. It fits a little tighter than the average stich especially in the "tool shed" area. Or as my Uncle would of said "Son, that food blister looks like its going to pop." Of course a little "going to the gym" would take care of all that... Though I was surprised to have something off the rack fit, now if they would only get their combat touring boots in a size 15, I plan on keeping my toes...
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Originally Posted by BrowningBAR View Post
Was that when your Triumph Trophy bit it?
the whole sequence started at freeway speeds but by the time I hit the ground I had braked and swerved to around 40 or so, still took a hell of a tumble and a flip flop or two until I slid to a stop. In all honesty the JR was pretty beat up as were my Olympia Sport gloves, my right hand forearm and shoulder took the worst of it but the armor kept anything from breaking and though the coat melted and wore through in the forearm it didn't get through the inner mesh to my skin.

I got the Darien over the Roadcrafter because it came in a larger size and I could just wear the coat with my shorts and Crocs if it's very hot out..(kidding Sachi !)...I wear a pair of shorts or the Aerostitch fleece pants depending on the weather and they fit comfortably under the Darien pants so it's a good 4 season suit. My bud just picked up a barely used Roadcrafter on Craigslist for $450... a pretty good score.
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