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But what about the Desmo Queen stuff?
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Believe it or not, I can empathize with your situation. You truly aren't getting what you paid for, and Honda's reasoning behind it is just a load of crap. But the thing is, there's not really anything to be done about it, unless you can get every single 1KRR owner to bond-together for a class-action lawsuit against Honda.

Absolutely not gonna happen.

Motorcyclists are a fractuous lot, at best: haughty and snobbish, quick to nitpick, and pyss and moan about the tiniest things that actually DON'T mean anything (like why two same-model-year bikes might have slighly-different trim bits but be otherwise identical, and why that makes one substantially better than the other).

Then you get guys like me: I fall in the "wouldn't know what to do with the extra HP if you gave it back to me" class. Perhaps when I was 20 years younger, this would have mattered desperately to me. But, I just can't manage to work-up a give-a-shyte over it.

Sorry 'bout dat..........

(and just so you know - those Squid jokes and the stick comment are inside, tongue-in-cheek comments and weren't directed at you - though they were at your expense)

(Sorry 'bout dat........... )
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I'm in this thread to find out how many MPH you lost on the 'top end'. Since you can't tell me I guess you are a poser like the rest of the 'sportbike guys' out there that can't ride their bikes worth a shyt and complain about 3 lost horsepower. Go hit the Burger Barn and complain where all the 'dudes' like you hang out. Don't forget the ballcap and wife beater 'dude'.
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The fact is almost everyone here has a sportbike in the first place, we're not "cruiser guys" we are for the most part middle aged guys with enough discretionary income ('cept of course Sachi who just likes middle aged guys with discretionary income...) to buy whatever the f'k we like ... that mostly includes a touring bike and a sportbike, or a cruiser and a sportbike or whatever combination we want.

For my on topic two cents, you asked 'Murican Honda a question, they gave you an answer..emission regs are different between here and Yourop and between normal states as well as those butt-weirds in California. The bikes they sell here have to meet those regs so that's what they do, end of story.

I honestly can't see how you or 99.99% of riders could tell the difference between app. 10 hp on a 160 hp bike @ top end nor the difference an extra 1200 rpm would make. Obviously you're a faster rider than I so maybe you can. The point is they answered your question, there's no need to get huffy with us about it...we didn't steal your 10 hp....I never even seen it...it was right there when I left, I don't know nutthin about it......
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