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Originally Posted by vermicious View Post
Because making a complete fool of themselves gives them a greater sense of accomplishment than only making a partial fool of themselves?
Parfois, on fait pas semblant
Sometimes, it's not pretend
Oderint Dum Metuant
Let them hate so long as they fear
политики предпочитают безоружных крестьян
Politicians Prefer Unarmed Peasants
Nothing to see here, Citizen. Move along now...
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Originally Posted by seruzawa View Post
At the rate technology is going in a few years the bikes will ride themselves.
I had a Grady-White boat with integrated GPS and autopilot a couple of years ago. Just for grins I set it up to go all the way through the canals to the inlet, and then over to Bimini. It wasn't completely automated; I did have to manage the throttle exiiting and entering the inlets, but I never touched the wheel. A couple years back, a $15M yacht landed on the beach about 50' from the jetty leading into Port Everglades. Capt'n fell asleep we surmised, (he jumped off the boat and ran to the park where he called a cab and vanished). Everyone figured it was a good thing he had some error in his GPS, else he would have entered the port and crashed into who knows what instead of the beach.
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Technology improves on all fronts, and there will always be a bit of pining for the days of old, but if the goal is to get around a track faster then the manisfestations of the competitive and creative engenuity of this sport is a given. Liter bikes are much more powerful than they were 10 years ago. Without improvements in the technology that puts that power to the ground, from suspension, tires, and now traction control, that improved power can not be efficently harnessed.

Does it penalize those that have the skill to better manage power sans traction control? Of course, but it also raises the bar in other areas for as an obsticle is reduced others become the new bottleneck.

Finally, traction control is a major aide in reducing the posibility of high siding while powering out of turns. Anything that will help me and my bike from doing an aerobatic exhibiton on the track is cool with me.
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