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longride 05-13-2008 10:09 AM

I'm pretty sure Rossi is an employee too. When his employer didn't match his expectations, he took on a new employer and won a GP World Championship for them. That is because Rossi is a true champion on the world stage. Mladin isn't that good because he can only win with the very best bike against mediocre (and I am being nice there) competition. If he went to Yamaha next year and won three more championships in AMA, or went to WSB or GP and did really well, I'd have some respect for him. His 'championships', if that is what you call them, is like shooting fish in a barrel. I understand he shot the fish, just quit bragging about it.

acecycleins 05-13-2008 11:20 AM

Yosh engineers their bikes to a level of success that no one can beat. It's not Matt or BBBen, really. Look at Tommy Hayden's season. I like Tommy, but talent wise Roger Lee (when he's not broken) can put Tommy to shame. If RL had the Yosh seat I bet he'd be better than BBBen.
The Yosh guys have soooo much R&D money it should be illegal. Well, DMG is the new sheriff and law maker and Yosh will be dragged back down for it. Do I wish for that? NO! I wish others had Yosh's pockets. They do not, however. DMG recognizes that and will forcibly change the playing field. Everyone thinks Honda is going to kick and scream. Possibly, but they market a great 600, so in the end I believe American Honda will play ball. Yamaha and Kawasaki have nothing to loose by playing the DMG game. They've been locked out of wins in Superbike for so long that they will act upset, yet they will be dancing in the isles. That leaves Yosh- Ben will be in GP. Matt will play one season and win it all and Tommy and new teammate Geoff May will contest the 2010 championship because Matt will have returned to the motherland.

HelterSkelter 05-13-2008 11:54 AM

Nah, Larry Pegram on his 848 will clean up in '09 and '10.... just watch.

(I don't own an 848 or anything, no sir.)

acecycleins 05-13-2008 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by HelterSkelter (Post 184922)
Nah, Larry Pegram on his 848 will clean up in '09 and '10.... just watch.

(I don't own an 848 or anything, no sir.)

I'm a fan. I actually got my company logo (for a mere 2 grand) on his bike for Rd Atl last year. I believe Ducati has decided that Larry will be the AMA Factory go-to guy for Corse. That's a good thing. He's got a former GP tech working data acquisition and a motor program. He may be older than some but he's got the GO! to show.

I was told by some reliable sources that Triumph is going to step up the game for the new format. Should be interesting. Also, MV and BMW are working on 675 triples. It may just be the answer to Ferracci staying in AMA for more than one season.

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