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Originally Posted by mscuddy View Post
Sachi, the Century was the Super body with the Roadmaster engine (364 cubic inch nailhead). This is the three window hardtop coupe. Each tailight asembly weighs at least 100 lbs.
Yeah, I know. The Century name always signified the bigger engine in the smaller body. I think it began in 1938.

The '57 looks way beter than the '58, which coined the "Detroit Panic of 1958" legend because of the bizzare ugly cars.
No question there! The 58 Buicks and Oldsmobiles in particular are astonishingly, um, baroque. GM had left Harley Earl in charge a few years too long!
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Every article I've read about Mr. Leno's collection agrees that he is committed to restoring and preserving bikes, and not just a rich a-hole out to impress people with his toys. I hope that some day he'll create a museum from his collection so we can all enjoy the bikes. Either that, or it would make for a hell of an auction if his heirs are greedy!
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I had a '58 4 Dr Sedan Super in Refrigerator White. It took about 15 minutes to wash the car, and two hours to clean the chrome. '58 was also the first year for ball-joint front suspension at GM. They were tiny. under-egnineered like something you'd see on a Fiat 500, and broke with alarming regularity. Once the front end collapsed on me giong through a newly repaived gas station, and It ploughed a furrow 2 foot deep and 30 foot long before I knew what happened. The gas station owner (a short-tempered middle eastern guy) went apesh1t snd called the police on me. So I blocked the broken ball joint up with wood, hose clamps, twine and duct tape and split before the cops showed up.
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Having been one of the privileged few to get a personal tour of Leno's awesome (and I don't use that term loosely, as it consists of three huge buildings) collection, I say god gave bagloads of money to the right guy this time. Leno doesn't just collect pretty things; he knows tons about everything he owns. Fun fact: He employs a guy who works only on his steam-powered cars.

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This guy is obviously a loser. I have this plan about a 2 car carage where I employ, not 7 technicians, but 8 brazilian schluts-turned-to-sort-of-technicians tending my -87 Saab 900i. Which place would you rather visit? Tip: the chicas make awesomely stiff caipirinha drinks that just pop your eyeballs off.

- cruiz-euro

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I think a 7th grader got a hold of Anrajala's account again.
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Originally Posted by BrowningBAR View Post
I think a 7th grader got a hold of Anrajala's account again.
It was Friday night. I'll bet his BA was about 0.24.
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