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Originally Posted by longride View Post
Do I look nuts? I know this is hard to believe, but the Knuck is down for repairs for the winter. It is on the lift as we speak getting some needed attention. I rode to daytona for 7 straight years from here, but I'll be flying this time. I do not own a pickup or a trailer, but you two clowns need to show up at my doorstep next year and we ride down there. Loser of the coin flip takes the Knuck! I think that would make one hell of a story for MO next year eh?

That sounds like the best offer I've had in a long time, Probably be a blast. I'd even volunteer to ride the Knuck....

I might have to rent a truck and haul the Dyna to your place, lets of cold and snowy between here and there.....
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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post
I tried making a living as a boat Captain. It's something I do really well, and love to do I got my CG Master's License, set up shop, spent two years going into debt, and went back to IT. At least I tried!

Daytona will be a blast!
I say that every year during tax time about ACE. Love what I do but my wifey (works for Turner Studios in IT) brings in the big beans. My money pays for movie night.
Googled the trip and turns out (nice shot from Earth) that it will take a mere 8 1/2 hrs and about 530 miles to make it there. Seems reasonable. Now the tough part comes- explaining I'm going to Daytona for work related reasons.
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Originally Posted by acecycleins View Post
Now the tough part comes- explaining I'm going to Daytona for work related reasons.
"Honey, I'll keep receipts for all expenses and we can deduct them next year!"

"Honey, I'm going to be networking with a lot of players in the biz, think of what that'll do for my bottom line with the insurance company!"

"Honey, I've got to stay abreast of the industry, and you know Bike Week is the cornerstone event worldwide!"

"Honey, I'm going to be drinking heavily and hanging out in the nudie bars, blowing countless hundreds on lap-dances and adult refreshments. I'll try not to come home with any SDTs!"
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