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Default Ghibli helmet

I have a friend in need of a lense(shield) for a Ghibli Helmet.
Does anyone have any information on this topic?

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Are you making this up?

If the lense is scratched, Meguiars makes some clear plastic scratch remover that works very well, if that doesn't work, soak the helmet in warm salt water for 3 days. Discard the motorcycle
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KLAZY KEN NEW OLD HELMET NOW AVAILABLE!!! YES dis exact same model used by the Universal Studios Prop company to fabwicate those gweat looking helmets in classic 1980's TeeVee show: Stleet Hawk. Once in a lifetime OLD STORE STOCK WAREHOUSE find!! MINT UNUSED! Except some or most of the top head and surrounding padding have deteriorated due to age: 1985 but STILL MINT UNUSED because we put mint flavor on it!! Box condition may vary a tad bit from crappy to awful! Has the cool locking mechanism which you may open your visor partly to avoid fogging plus it looks cool! This is your chance to re-pad and add the necessary highlights for that STREET HAWK look! Either way it looks very cool AS-IS! All helmets currently have the clear visors only! Made in Italy! Superb quality. Was sold in the Penthouse Men's Magazine for 1 year only! Limited Distribution or production! Beautiful sleek design!

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Default The Bell Star 120!

Forget That Goofy Gilhibilly Helmet And Get Real Classic Bell Star 120! Used By All The Professional Racers Like Mert Lawill, Bugsy Mann & George Wallace! Comes With The Genuine Smell Of Fear! Check Out How It Looks On This Poor Sap Thrashing Some Slow Honda Four Stroke! Only $29.95 + Shipping & Handling & Booze Money!
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