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Default Portside Enterprises screwed me over !!

Portside Enterprises in Brantford Ontario screwed me over !!!
I purchased a motorcycle engine from Portside, and was told the engine was in good condition except for a broken valve cover. After six weeks and numerous phone calls, the engine was finally shipped. Upon inspection of the engine, the following problems were found. The intake ports were badly rusted from sitting outside, and the head was bent rendering the head useless. The left engine cover was missing, and there was deep gouges in engine case where the cover was pryed off . When I removed the drain plug, I found the oil pan was full of water. After swapping heads and cover, the engine was installed in the bike. Once running, the transmission wouldn’t go into gear. After disassembly, it was found the shift rod was broken. Replaced shift rod and engine finally works.
Portside was called, and numerous pics detailing the engine damage were sent to them. Portside agreed to a $400. Partial refund, and to this day I haven’t received one cent.
I would advise anyone thinking of purchasing parts to think twice before buying from Portside Enterprises.
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Well that's a sad tale my friend, I probably don't need to point out that buying a used engine online from a wrecking yard is a pretty good leap of faith on your part.........
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That totally sucks man. I'd be thinking small claims court if they don't pay you. I know it's a pain, but you don't need a lawyer. That or ship them something they wish they never opened (BTW, I'm not suggesting a bomb). The 13 people who post here have been warned though!
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