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The Toad

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Default Really?

Originally Posted by anrajala View Post
>I'm hoping for a comparison by MO soon on the C14 vs. FJR, ST,
>and a comparo of ZX14 and Busa.

I second that. FJR has had a big impact in Europe. In Finland it was best selling bike for two years running, of all models and sizes. Group of people from my club ride to across the continent to Estoril Portugal every year, two thirds of them ride FJRs and pretty much the rest are planning to buy it.

- cruiz-euro
They sold more FJRs than, say, Ninja 250s?
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Sweet lookin' bike. Dig the slots in the fairing, very shark-like. Nice to know they can produce a bike with crazy horsepower that's still docile when you want it to be. No replay of the cursed H2750 Triple Kawanker.
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Default Boat anchor

I don't care how fast the boat anchor is.......it's still a boat anchor.
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Originally Posted by GSXRWolf View Post
I don't care how fast the boat anchor is.......it's still a boat anchor.
Yes, but what other anchor could drag the Nimitz out to sea?..............
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I enjoyed the story and the video. The Busa and ZX14 comparison ought to be innaresting.

Still would like to see fullscreen capability on the videos.
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Thats right -04 and -05, second one was 125 Honda, which was no.1 last year. 250s don't sell, big cruisers do, HD has 5% of total market.

- cruiz-euro
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fantastic bike, I have an '07 that i bought simply because I'm a tall/big guy and needed a bike that 'fit' me without excuses and chose the 14 just because it was 'new' and the busa wasnt. I'm not a loyalist to any brand in particular so belong to no 'camp' but this is my first kawi.

I spent years shoehorning myself onto ever shrinking repli-racers and although I love them always struggled with ergo/comfort issues and the never-ending march toward smaller, more compact, lighter is doing a fellow like myself no favors. This bike has turned out to be such a wonderful machine to own, speed (low and high), performance, and comfort. A superb all-rounder you can chill and cruise, it asserts itself very respectably in the twisties and handles distance/highway duties superbly. It has thus far proven as solid as a ball peened hammer, pretty turnkey. For myself, satisfaction of ownership is as absolute as with any bike I've ever had. Does run somewhat toasty though but has never overheated on me.

with the small extras that the '08's have introduced it can only add to owner satisfaction. If you are like myself and enjoy high performance and have come to appreciate comfort but are not a member of the spec war scene or a factory zealot ( I might be if my uncles or grandpa's name were 'suzuki' or 'kawasaki') you will find that this is a stellar motorcycle that offers 'total' satisfaction and high capabilities for the varied riding scenarios us owners have to contend with over time from the mundane to the extreme.
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From one (former) owner to another, well said.
--The Fox

The best bike to take a trip on is the one you have.
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Default ZX14-brilliant!

As a current owner of an 07 ZX14, I cannot sing the praises of this bike enough.

Firstly, it really could be a beginners bike the handling is neutral and the power delivery totally linear...you'd just best be holding on after 5000rpm.

Second, it's comfortable, I have degenerative disc disease and two crushed vertebrae and I can ride this bike all day.

Third and most important it can be any bike you want, you want to putt around all day-no problem, you want to go touring-throw on a set of saddle bags and go. Want to tear up some twisties, put on a leather suit and hang off it. Want to embarrass some Hayabusas, head down to the strip.

It's an awesome machine.
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It looks great!
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