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Originally Posted by slowestrider View Post
Was Sarnali test rode the bike or was Kevin Duke test rode the bike? Or Sarnali is the same as Kevin Duke? I am new here as you can see.

The reason I am asking about the weight is the 08 has very stiff suspension. I too weight between 165 to 170 lbs. I read some were the front shock has over .9 kg/mm springs and the rear has over 10.0 kg/mm shock. That seems to be too stiff for my weight. The test rider mentioned backing off 1 step on both end and decreased hi-comp rates. It would be great to find out how much the test rider weight to gauge where I need to upgrade suspension soon. Thanks.
The stock R6 springs should work fine for your weight. Like I say, make sure to set the proper sag. Once that's done, you can reduce high-speed compression damping (at either end) if you find the ride is still too harsh for your preferences.
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Thank you Kevin!
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Default Now wait a minute Mister.....

Originally Posted by BrowningBAR View Post
Sarnali weighs 165lbs with 6% body fat. He's pretty much a young Errol Flynn. When he's not designing fashionable men's wear he can be seen riding across the country fighting forest fires.

Who's this Errol Flynn charactor and what's he doin' flouncing around in my fashion designs without giving me my nick?????????

Besides,I don't look at all like him, I look like Russell Crowe in Gladiator except with a beer gut and glass's and about 30 years older and not as much hair.... Taller too I think...
"Carpe` Throttelum -Loud Suits Save Lives"

"He said he's farting because of his medication"...
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i love bigbikes.especialy yamaha r6....d'best!only wish i could have 1
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d'yamaha r6 isn't a big bike.
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