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Default Jesus Loves You

Originally Posted by anrajala View Post
We should get KPaul back in. Whatever you think about the guy, he caused plenty of debate. The going on used to be ten times more lively. Seriously, the guy is a legend, have you not noticed that after all this time we still talk about him?

If MO had any commercial management they would think of the ways of wheeling him in. Only half serious bickering we have now is some idiot from Yurup arguing with a flowerpot. Not good.

- cruiz-euro
Mr. Euro,
May I propose for your consideration the idea that there are more factors in determining content and conduct than simply generating traffic on a site? If Motorcycle.com were to post pictures of mangled bodies from motorcycle wrecks, it might generate more traffic and debate, but would that be an enhancement? I think not.

From my perspective this site has been far more enjoyable since KPAULSQUIDCOOKVENGER left. On occasion I read the forums at Cycle World, and reading his posts there fills me with an urge to vomit. Whatever bickering, name calling, and general *****ing that goes on here now is done in fun, and with an underlying sense of respect. Except for you, you're an a$$hole. Not really. See what I mean?
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>I posted his picture last week

Geez I am not interested in his picture. I am merely pointing out that after all that photo complaining his posts have a picture of an engine. Or half an engine, given that nowadays standards have been upped to 123 ftlb

- cruiz-euro
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