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sarnali2 06-23-2008 11:32 AM

Tell ya what I'm gonna' do.......

Originally Posted by seruzawa (Post 187617)
I'll help you out. I'll give you $2500 straight up! Today only! don't let this deal pass you buy! (A satisfied grad of Klazy Ken's "You Be Millionaire Soon, Round Eye" Seminar)

Even though KBB trade-in value on the Bandit is $2740, since yer' an internet buddy, former Suzuki owner and a fellow Navy vet, I'll take that $2500 and call it a deal!

Now, you can pay me when you get her to pick it up or you can pay me before you come pick it up, I'll give you and the little lady there a minute to talk it over eh?.........Can I get you some coffee or tea?...there's probably a few doughnuts left in the mechanics crib I can grab for yaz........

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