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Administrator 09-11-2007 03:23 PM

2008 Star Motorcycles Raider

Original Article:
<a href="">2008 Star Motorcycles Raider</a>

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seruzawa 09-11-2007 03:30 PM

"In the high-end cruiser market (1300+cc), Star Motorcycles outpaced the industry in percentage growth, becoming the number-one selling brand in this category among Japanese OEMs."

Well, duh. It's more like a Harley than the others. Air-cooled, single crankpin.

BrowningBAR 09-11-2007 03:59 PM

I like the Yamaha cruisers. They seem to have cleaner designs than the other Japanese makers.

If I were to by another cruiser it would either be a Harley or a Victory if pricing wasn't an issue and if I was looking to save some coin I would look at Triumph or a Yamaha.

The only thing I don't like about Yamaha is the whole "Star" gimmick. It's not nearly as lame as Suzuki's Boulevard marketing concept, but still annoying. (Remember when Suzuki tried to say they had an entirely new line of motorcycle and all new models...except they we just renamed)

bmwclay 09-11-2007 10:21 PM

Looks good from what I can tell. How come the pictures don't expand enough? Just can't get a good look at the damn things.

BrowningBAR 09-11-2007 11:01 PM

Did you click on the photos link at the bottom? It should take you here:
Raider Pictures

BrowningBAR 09-11-2007 11:10 PM

Not sure why the link is labeled "Triumph".

longride 09-12-2007 04:45 AM

Best copy of a Harley to date. Kudos to Yamaha for having the balls to just copy them outright instead of beating around the bush. Notice that you can't find a brand name anywhere on the bike? Slick!

nweaver 09-12-2007 05:43 AM

Yet ANOTHER harley clone...
Yawn, yet another Harley clone...

And given the price will probably be $13k+, why not save up another couple of grand and just get the real deal?

Kenneth_Moore 09-12-2007 06:23 AM

Been Here, Done This
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It's fun to be around long enough to find that nothing's really new:

"This model was the one that set the fire under a boom in American style bikes based on the traditional vertical twin engine of the TX650. With features like a teardrop tank, and chopper style handlebars along with a King & Queen seat and short megaphone type muffler, all mounted on 16-inch wheels, this model achieved a true horseback type riding feeling. As the predecessor to the Special series bikes to follow, this model was popular both for long-distance touring and around-town riding."

longride 09-12-2007 07:32 AM

Cool. That was the Yamaha copy of a Triumph that they turned into a copy of a Triumph chopper. They graduated to copying Harleys now because they sell more!

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