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Unforunately, forward controls are what sell on cruisers. I hesistate to call the "mid" controls on the Dyna line "standard". They are still too far forward for my taste.

Then again, to put the footpegs in the right place for me would require a taller seat, and we know that ain't gonna happen. Look at the late non-selling Street Rod.

I'll wait for the XR1200. Probably die holding my breath.
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Morning guys- I really like the Victory line-up. I watched this company grow up. The dealer I got my sales start in was the first Victory dealer in GA. Took them nearly 5 yrs before they made before they got a "design" clue and figured out that transmissions don't have to slam into gear, but gorwing means growing pains. The bike I really like is the FXDF. I like the lines and the look.
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Mornin' all, The mid mounts on my recent FXD were in such a wonky position in relation to the low seat, that the only way I could operate the brakes and shifter without major ankle contortions was to go to the forward controls off the Wide Glide. I liked it so much I put a set of standard Wide Glide baby apes on it too and added a short sissy bar. I thought it looked the shizz....

I've always liked the look of the Wide Glide but it's cheaper to turn an FXD into one, which was what I was doing until I got a bee in my bonnet and traded it for the Bonnie, than to go buy one out right.
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>Can you hop them up and get the horsepower into the 60s easily?

Sure you can hop them up. However, if you are interested in the performance why don't you buy a bike that has enough of it already on the factory blue print? Every part would be correctly designed and dimensioned. You'd get the durability, reliability and warranty too.

- cruiz-euro
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Ooooh, stinky bait.
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