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Default Video of New Connie Crashing

From MotorCycle News (UK)

Understand that the video is a satire, and it's French humor. Although the article says it's in the 'States, I don't agree. The road signage is wrong.

Anyway, the crash is at the end, approx. 5:25.

MCN Kawasaki’s GTR1400 First Crash Caught On Film
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Road sign are wrong. Road construction is wrong. Our Lady Liberty is in a round-a-bout. The "NEW YORK" cows are held back by simple post-barbedwire fence. ANY respectable AMERICAN cattle farmer would be linched for that. To top it off it looks like he threw the bike away- not that he crashed.
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"Parfois, on fait pas semblant"

I am SO fecking stealing that for my Sig!
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I initially thought the same as you but did you watch the entire thing?. I agree the first "crash" looked fake but the second one near the very end was nuts..didn't look fake to me ... Looked like my little accident in a way

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Looked a little fake to me.
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hehe.. I bet he felt real dumb losing it through that last turn during the credits.. hehe.
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