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Originally Posted by SmokeU View Post
I almost bought an 1100 Wing a few years ago, kick myself for not doing it. It was a snazzy dark/light grey two tone. The only reason I'd want the 1200 over the 1100 is the cruise control, but then I suppose I could add it to the 1100 if I really wanted it. Or even get the Audiovox cruise for the Concours...

By the by, my right hand is still numb, I think I pinched a nerve.
Just put a cheapo Vista Cruise on that thing and I bet all will be well. I learned after taking a Honda 750 on a 3000 mile trip that being able to let go of the bars will keep those fingers from getting numb. I had 3 fingers that were numb for 4 days after that trip, and I won't go on a long trip without some kind of throttle lock. Try it. I think they are about 25 bucks.
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I have a Throttlemeister on the Concours, and I used it a lot on the trip. I just think it's time for something different, though with the kid on the way I don't think it'll happen anytime soon.
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Didn't they make the Voyager XII up until the late 90's? I know it lasted a lot longer than the Cavalcade and the Venture. Just like the Concours and the KLR, they just kept making them year after year. There's probably a boat load of them sitting around in garages, sheds, and barns with their carbs all gummed up.
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Default The Voyager XII lives on!

Kawasaki made the Voyager XII from 1986-2003. It is a very reliable motorcycle. Many with over 100K miles, some with over 200K miles, and I know one person who has 324K miles on a Voyager XII. The Voyager XII also has gas mileage in the 40s yet has great power deliver and easily pulls a trailer. Parts are still available too if you know where to look (there is a gentleman in Tennesse with dozens of parts bikes). Finally the Voyager is a very easy bike to work on (hydralic lifters, shaft drive, center stand, etc.).

Now Kawasaki has the Vulcan Voyager 1700 (as of late April 2009 they are just now hitting the showrooms).

The Voyager has a small but very loyal association. For more info click here: American Voyager Association, headquarters for Kawasaki Voyager Motorcycle Owners

Note, there are many used Voyager XIIs out there and you can get just about any of them for a four digit price tag (depending on year, condition, accessories, etc.).
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