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Boochikan 07-07-2007 02:59 AM

Next Bike Possibilities...
I've been riding for less than a year now after taking the MSF beginner riding class. I think I did pretty well in the class because I had no falls, but most of the people did just as well if that's how you measure it. After the course I bought a used Kawi 250R for some practice as a beginner because I heard it was a good choice (can take the freeway, good mileage, light, easy to handle).

I live in a very hilly area so it makes it a little more difficult for me to do tight turns and stuff. Most of the problems I have are when I'm parking or trying to pull into small spaces, but up and running I really have no problem. I can do tight turns but maneuvering the bike when it is off, or just with my weight makes me feel uneasy (backing into places, especially when I'm on a hill - these are steep hills :-D ).

I haven't had a spill yet, but have had 2 close calls in my riding (both in the twisties up in the hills), but I understand the severity of falling after those near falls (both where I hesitated to lean more because of fear I would fall, causing me to take the turn wider and hit a patch of gravel on the side of the road).

With all that said and done, I have one question: if it's time to step up (because I think it is, and the Kawi 10000 RPM on regular freeway cruising speed is annoying), what should I get? :confused:

I was looking at the Kawi 650R and the SV 650 by Suzuki because they are good comparisons. I looked at a bunch of forums that compared them, most lean towards the SV, since it has been around longer and the Kawi might not be kind to amateur riders because it jumps at higher revs. But I also thought I might look at the other class of sports bikes, you know the ZX6-R or R6 or GSXR, what do you guys think?

Please help me out. Thanks :D

seruzawa 07-07-2007 06:02 AM

If you're worried about dropping the damm thing all the time then I'd say that a fully faired bike is out. Ducati's monsters are always worth a look. Or that new Trumpet Street Triple might do the trick.

BrowningBAR 07-07-2007 07:31 AM

Whatever bike you buy next, I would try to hold onto the EX250.

acecycleins 07-07-2007 07:45 AM

Stay away from the sportbike scene for at least the first two years. Buy used! Spend $3500 or less. That way when you throw your bike away you won't cry as hard since you spent less money. Buying an SV is a good ideas- although it's not a "beginner" bike like most would think. If I were your I'd buy a used Suzuki DRZ400SM. It will be forgiving, allow you to learn, and has decent handleing for a supermoto bike. They are extremely cheap to insure, as well. Thrash that thing about for a year or better then buy another bike to add to the stable.

sachiwilson 07-07-2007 07:47 AM

At your skill level I'd stay away from both faired bikes and 600 cc sportbikes. If you are not yet able to feel confident in your ability to lean into a turn on the little Kaw, you're just asking for trouble on a 600.

Kawasaki is bringing in the naked version of its 650 - the Versis - and that may be a suitable bike for you. The SV also could be a good choice. You might look at the Kaw and Suzuki 500 cc models as well, which will offer a more relaxed engine speed.

There really are no truly good middleweight bikes in the US, I'm afraid. The options are stale and outdated, but you should still consider them for now, IMHO.

mscuddy 07-07-2007 08:09 AM

...get a used 500+cc "dual sport" like an XL Honda, DR Suzuki, etc.

They handle great for a beginner, and have enough power to be comfortable on the freeway (at sane speeds).

Also, when you finally drop it (and you will drop it)the repair costs will be minimal compaired to a fully faired sportbike.

Have fun with whatever you get, and take it from me, get some good spine protection.

findangle 07-08-2007 11:11 AM

If your still afraid of dropping that kawi 250 maybe your not quite ready for a bigger bike yet?

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