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Administrator 06-21-2007 05:05 PM

2005 BMW R 1200 RT

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<a href="">2005 BMW R 1200 RT</a>

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tbrown 09-14-2012 03:39 AM

After over 70,000 miles on my '05 RT, I still think it's as good as sport touring gets. Mine came with the computer, which is handy for checking oil once you figured it out. Also came with cruise control. I will not buy another road bike without this feature. I bought the smaller top case for the back. It holds one helmet and it's big enough for me...less "sail" than the big case too. I've added a Sargent seat, a CeeBailey's touring windscreen, some stronger windscreen mounts, some bar-backs, a set of Wilbers shocks and transferred my old Big Mak tank bag. Two benefits of boxer twins are the massive engine braking, which is great for technical roads, and the fact that you can do your own valve adjustments in about 20 minutes. I've found that the throttle bodies do not need much attention on this bike if you adjust valves carefully. I do most of my own service work because my dealer went out of business. There is a great DVD available illustrating every service procedure you're likely to need. I will probably run the wheels off this bike. It's still terrific in 2012.

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