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Administrator 06-19-2007 04:17 PM

Triumph Bonneville

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<a href="">Triumph Bonneville</a>

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sarnali2 06-19-2007 06:38 PM

I've owned an '06 T 100 for a year and 8K miles now. Mods include Hagon Nitro rear shocks and Hagon progressive wound fork springs with gaitors, a Corbin leather seat, Norman Hyde Bellmouth Velocity Stack, K&N air fliter, 122.5 main & 42 Pilot, Thruxton Needles and slides drilled 8mm and Triumph Off Road pipes. The bike is a pure joy to ride, handles like it's on rails and gives that nice Triuph snarl when you nail it. All in all a super fun reliable and drop dead gorgeous bike. I'd recomend one to anyone who wanted a classic looking bike without the HD baggage. 10+

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